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Hogan, Rossi & Liguori proudly offers comprehensive Wills, Trusts, and Estates Services to assist individuals and families in securing their financial legacies and ensuring their wishes are upheld. With a deep understanding of the intricate legal aspects surrounding estate planning and wealth preservation, our dedicated team of professionals works closely with clients to develop tailored solutions. Whether it's drafting wills, establishing trusts, managing estates, or planning for the seamless transfer of assets, our firm combines expertise, attention to detail, and a client-centric approach to provide peace of mind and protect the future financial well-being of our valued clients.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning For All Ages And Financial Situations

It is a common misconception that you have to be elderly or rich to benefit from an estate plan. However, no matter your age or financial status having a solid estate plan in place is the best way to ensure that the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate over the years reach your loved ones, on your own terms. There are so many things to consider when putting an estate plan in place, such as: who will make important choices such as manage your finances if you can longer handle them yourself? For those with minor children, who will take care of your children in the event you become incapacitated or pass away? A proper plan will make sure all these aspects are thoroughly vetted and addressed. Whether you have amassed a great fortune or only own a life insurance policy, our legal team will develop a personalized plan to accomplish your goals regardless of your age or net worth. Give us a call today to get started.

Estate Taxes

Minimizing Estate Tax Costs and Protecting Your Legacy

Failure to plan accordingly can be costly in Federal and State estate taxes. Our team can provide advice on estate planning strategies for use not only upon death but also during your lifetime, to help protect your assets so they can pass to your intended beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner possible.


A Guide To Trusts And Asset Protection

A trust is a legal relationship whereby a trustee holds property for the benefit of one or more other persons called beneficiaries. Trusts take many forms, each with different legal consequences. Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable, may be established during the lifetime of the person creating the trust (the settlor) or upon death such as instructed in a will. Trusts can be an important and valuable tool in estate planning and asset protection – both during your lifetime and afterwards. Our firm counsels clients on whether trusts will be beneficial to their estate planning needs, and drafts declarations of trust, or trust provisions for wills, where appropriate and requested.

Medicaid Planning

Strategic Medicaid Planning: Safeguarding Assets For Your Loved Ones

As people age, they often need to consider the high cost of long-term care, either at home or in a nursing home, and how it will affect their ability to preserve assets for their spouse and children during their life and after they pass away. The majority of individuals must pay for nursing home care from their own assets until they are depleted before they can qualify for Medicaid. Careful planning can help protect and preserve an aging individual’s spouse or children, and help to avoid any delay in receiving the Medicaid benefits they are entitled to receive. Our firm has counsel that is familiar with the applicable laws and regulations, and assists clients with Medicaid planning needs.

Estate Litigation

Resolving Estate Disputes: Your Trusted Advocates In Surrogate's Court

Sadly, situations can arise where it is necessary to contest a Will. Perhaps you may feel you have been denied your fair share of an estate, or, you are an executor or trustee and have been asked to defend the validity of a Will or even your actions as a fiduciary. You may be a beneficiary of a trust where a trustee has improperly managed the trust assets. No matter the situation, our firm understands the nuances of estate litigation and is experienced with Surrogate’s Court proceedings.


Navigating The Probate Process: Compassionate Support During Times Of Loss

Losing someone you love is a sorrowful and distressing experience. During your time of grief the last thing you want to do is focus on the legal and financial aspects of your loved one’s estate. Serving as Executor of an estate can seem like an overwhelming obligation requiring significant time and effort, however, when taken step by step, the process becomes more manageable. Whether or not your loved one left behind a Last Will and Testament , our probate attorneys provide sensitive and comprehensive support through the entire probate process, from petitioning the Surrogate’s Court, administering the estate assets to providing a final accounting. We ensure the distribution of your loved one’s property and assets are handled appropriately.

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