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Hogan, Rossi & Liguori's attorneys assist with all phases of land use planning and permitting for developers and owners. Dealing with zoning and planning issues can be challenging, especially in the highly regulated state of New York. Navigating the complex laws and regulations that govern a project and the multiple regulatory agencies that oversee them requires comprehensive legal guidance. To develop land successfully you need to be able to address issues with government and regulatory agencies on all levels, including federal, state, county and local.

Our firm represents developers, municipalities and landowners with preparing and presenting all types of land use applications, including zoning; inland wetlands and watercourses; and obtaining local, state and federal permits and approvals.

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Homeowners' Associations

Homeowners' Associations

Our firm’s real estate experience extends to representing condominiums and HOAs. From time to time, plans for the creation of residential subdivisions include certain amenities that will be shared among future homeowners in the community, such as a private road. Other times, a municipality may not accept a road for dedication as a public highway and a developer will have to adapt a project. In those instances, the developer may need to create a homeowners’ association prior to selling lots in order to provide for the shared maintenance of such amenities.  The firm has worked with developers to establish homeowners’ associations and to obtain the necessary approvals from the Attorney General’s office to permit those homeowners’ associations to legally exist.

Establishment of Districts

Establishment Of Districts

Hogan, Rossi & Liguori has the expertise needed to help local developers establish special districts in cases where planning boards require their creation as a condition for subdivision approval. Our firm has assisted with the creation of water districts and fire protection districts to ensure the ongoing maintenance and performance of fire hydrants in a proposed subdivision.

Site Plans, Subdivisions & Zoning

Site plans, Subdivisions, and Zoning

Legal experience in the municipality where a project is proposed is often the first step to obtaining project approval, especially for complex or controversial projects.

Hogan, Rossi & Liguori routinely assist landowners and developers in obtaining planning board approval for all types of proposed activity or development where approval is required by local law such as site plan approval, applications to subdivide land, and approval of conditional uses. We actively take the lead in coordinating the efforts of a client’s experts, including engineers, surveyors and wetland consultants, as well as routinely make appearances and presentations before local planning boards.

Our firm has experience working both for and with municipal governments, acting as legal counsel to a number of planning boards in Putnam and Dutchess Counties. Developers benefit from our strong rapport with local government officials, who are familiar with our reputation and requirements.

Special Permits

Special Permits

In some instances, local laws contain supplementary requirements under their zoning ordinances that special permits be obtained prior to engaging in uses of land. For example, a special permit is required from the town board in the Town of North Salem to operate a Kennel or Animal Hospital. The firm assists landowners in determining whether one or more special permits will be necessary for their proposed activities and prosecutes those applications.



Various types of variances, such as area variances and use variances, have different standards of proof that must be met in order to obtain approval for a project. It is crucial to provide the correct information to the Zoning Board of Appeals in order to secure a variance. For more than 20 years, Hogan, Rossi & Liguori's legal team has represented both applicants and Zoning Boards of Appeals. We are well-versed in the process and understand what is required to succeed. In order for our clients to achieve their desired outcome, it is essential to present the necessary evidence and create a record before the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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